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About FPAN - Meet the Officers


About FPAN     Meet the Officers

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Wayne Dailey - President of FPAN

Wayne Dailey - President of FPAN
Wayne Dailey has been a resident of Las Vegas since 2001. He was employed by the Clark County Fire Department (CCFD) as a Fire Inspector in 2006 and became a proud member of FPAN that same year. In addition to his normal inspection duties, he has been heavily involved with CCFD public education team efforts throughout Clark County for the last several years. This includes operating the fire safety house and teaching fire safety programs at community events and Clark County Schools. He has also helped prepare several grant applications which recently resulted in an award of funds to support public education with a new storage building and supplies.

Previously Wayne was a firefighter II employed by the Nevada Division of Forestry (NDF), assigned to the Mount Charleston Fire Protection District, providing all-hazard response to the residents and visitors of the Mount Charleston area. In 2004 he was promoted to the Southern Region Fire Management Officer. In this position he managed the day to day operations of the district and was responsible for the Southern Region fire program.

Prior to becoming a resident of Nevada he held positions in California for 13 years beginning as a Park Ranger and rising to the rank Deputy Chief Ranger for the Mountains Recreation Conservation Authority. He has been married for 16 years and has two children, a 15 year old daughter and a 12 year old son.

He holds an A.S. degree in Fire Technology from Oxnard College and a B.S. degree with a Double Major in Fire Administration and Fire Prevention Technology from Cogswell Polytechnical College. He finished with honors and was proud to be named the 2010 Fire Science Class Valedictorian. He is currently working toward an M.S. degree in Safety, Security and Emergency Management – Fire and Emergency Services concentration at Eastern Kentucky University.

His goal to promote FPAN and the benefits of membership. He strives to see FPAN continue its mission of “saving lives through prevention and education” by seeking to increase membership and developing partnerships. He seeks to promote and increase FPAN’s role within the fire services, the life safety industry and more importantly, the communities we serve.
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